"The seasons are changing. Old magic is stirring. Our very plane of existence is on the precipice of oblivion."

Welcome to the Dragonplague wikia! Created for our personal "Dungeons & Dragons" game, this is a simple way for us to organize our lore, thoughts, and keep eachother up-to-date. Feel free to explore, and if you're a PC (or the sneaky DM), please edit (when applicable). Have fun!

Dungeon Master's Note: Write in italics and in double parentheses ((like this)) to demonstrate speculation on non-PC pages, and normal italics on PC pages, to signify it's information the party isn't aware of (yet?).

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The Players:








The Enemies

Spot The Dark Lady Melvin Dragons Lycans Webbed Scale Dennis Vampire Gnome Warforged(?)



Mr. Walrus Professor Walrus The Wizard of Fallcrest Micelon
The Demon(?) Mysterious Stranger(?) Knights of the Way The 5th Member



Hearts Dragon Orbs Eye of Shadow Hell's Fist The Godhammer Suicide Amulets



Fallcrest Hammerfall Mirabar The Wilds Bloodwood

The Temple of

the Veil

Winter King's Hall The Feywild The Shadowfell The Astral Sea

Mount Khrazak

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